You want to feel what it’s like to be in the presence of royalty? If you answered ‘Yes!’, then you might be interested in this one of a kind Jaguar Daimler that has been put up for sale by a private collector.

Exactly why is this car so special? Well, it’s not really about the car but more so the owner of it: no less than the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

Specifically built for the Queen, this Jaguar Daimler comes with a number of unique features that were included upon the Queen’s request, including a redesigned armrest to fit her handbag, a direct line to Downing Street and the Home Office (sold disconnected), lambskin rugs and soft leather seats with special stitching. The Queen began using the Jaguar Daimler back in 2001 and only ran up the odometer to 12,000 miles – mostly by shuttling between her Windsor estate and Buckingham Palace.

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Right now, the car is in the property of Peter Ratcliffe, a car collector who bought the Queen’s ride from Jaguar and is now in the process of selling it off himself. According to Ratcliffe, the car comes with all of its original paperwork.

"It is a beautiful car and she was fond of using it to get around Windsor or into London,” Radcliffe said. “She likes driving. I even saw her in the car herself once driving along the M25 with her escort."

Ratcliffe has yet to reveal the Jaguar Daimler’s price tag, although you can probably assume that this one will fetch six figures – easy.

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  (460) posted on 03.29.2010

It would be more impressive if it had an MI5 pack. You know, push a button and the car drops oil all over the road to make the car chasing you spin out. Do the missiles shoot out the back and the front? For $120,000.00 they should.

  (364) posted on 03.25.2010

I think the years of service is paid off already, time to have a new one.

  (708) posted on 03.25.2010

I bet the Queen is just bored and tired of her old car or the car company just gave her a brand new Jaguar especially designed for her.

  (555) posted on 03.23.2010

This is a good way to remove your stress from the tiring weekdays of work. At least you can enjoy the looks of customized agera even online.

  (555) posted on 03.23.2010

Well, I guess they are in need of a parking space for the new QE Vehicle. For sure this baby is a bullet proof so get it guys while it’s hot.

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