• Question of the day: Are station wagons cool?

We at topspeed.com love station wagons. Our personal favorite is the S73 T AMG a.k.a the insane Sultan’s S-Class station wagon with the Zonda engine as seen in the picture. But we want to hear from you; yeah you! Are station wagons cool?

Station wagons help people carry their world with them wherever they go. They are big, sometimes ugly and not all that versatile. Their main pluses are loads of space for both passengers and luggage. Award winning sedans like the C Class and the BMW 5 Series have wagon versions too, which makes them derivatives of a cool car.

The word "station wagon" was derived from the wagons that carried people and luggage from the train station to various local destinations back in the 1920’s.

Ok, now, does the excess enclosed storage area take the cool factor away from the transformed sedans? If you think they are cool, which one is the coolest? Would you buy one this winter?

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  (5990) posted on 03.19.2008

i dnt like station wagons as there is many reason on it...i like the SUV most and think SUV can carry more than what station wagon can carry...

  (5990) posted on 03.18.2008

I dont understand why my US compatriots don’t like station wagons anymore. I know they lost their ’cool’ status thirty years ago, but that was thirty years ago. For most families a station wagon makes more sense than an SUV. Its laughable watching these petite women in the affluent burbs navigating these gargantuan Escalade ESVs and GMC Denali XLs. They can barely see over the dashboard and most times are only carrying two children and a dog. Don’t get me wrong - I love SUVs and own an Escalade. However I love station wagons and for many years lusted after the last version of the Buick Electra Estate Wagon - one of the sexiest station wagons ever built.

  (5990) posted on 03.18.2008

The coolest would have to be Audi Avants. The cheaper Toyota G- touring,and the Caldina are also quite good.

  (5990) posted on 03.18.2008

yes, for family of five or six its ideal.

  (5990) posted on 03.17.2008

If they find a way to stuff the V10 into a AUDI 6 series avant, my house is going up for sale

  (5990) posted on 03.17.2008

yup, station wagons are way cooler than sedans. that’s my opinion. most people think the opposite but i don’t give a sh...

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