We already know that the Nissan GT-R is a pretty fast car and when you put in some time tuning it up, you’re bound to get more out of the machine than what you bargained for.

SP Engineering did exactly that, giving it enough added power that when it ran a quarter-mile at the Arizona Speedway, it clocked a pretty astonishing time of just 9.62 seconds at a 148 mph pass.

Even for a car of the GT-R’s stature, a 9.62 second quarter-mile time is pretty jaw-dropping, giving justification to the GT-R’s stature as a true 10-second car.


Source: GT-R USA

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  (216) posted on 08.1.2010

I literally see these every day now. Nissan’s Proving Grounds are about 40 miles southeast of Phoenix, and the GT-Rs are out on the roads en masse just about every day on the rural highways near the proving ground. they usually travel in groups of 4-5 cars. they have at least two laptops on board, with a driver and weighted plastic barrels in each seating position to simulate passengers.

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