Nissan has named a new chief financial officer. The job is going to the man who has been president of the Renault Formula One team since 2006, Alain Dassas. Renault owns a controlling 44% interest in Nissan and both companies are run by Carlos Ghosn. 
Dassas fills a job that had been open for almost four years. Since then, Ghosn has had direct control of Nissan’s financial operations. That, however, hasn’t worked out so well. Nissan profits have been in a slump and its public stockholders are plenty mad about that. Ghosn has promised to turn Nissan around promptly, but hasn’t seemed to have the knack in running the company that he originally exhibited as Nissan’s president, before being promoted to the Renault presidency, as well, in 2005.
Though Dassas has been the top guy at Renault Formula One, his background isn’t racing. It’s banking. He was employed at Chase Manhattan Bank for a decade, leaving it to join Renault.

Source: AFP

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