RACING will officially void the warranty on your new Nissan GT-R

According to the Japanese automaker, “the GT-R is Nissan’s first supercar category vehicle.” Being so, the VR38DETT powered beast is “special, it has special needs and requires special skills. This is sounding more like a girlfriend than Godzilla.

In an attempt to keep out aftermarket tuners from pushing Godzilla so far that he might explode, Nissan has made a few additions to their rulebook. The Japanese automaker doesn’t want companies like Greddy, HKS or even COBB Tuning from cracking their ECUs. But the most blasphemous of all is number three on the list of things that will void the warranty on your GT-R, racing.

It’s true that in Japan, if you go to an approved racetrack, your Nissan super car will unlock itself and perform to the best of its abilities. Sure you have to go to an approved Nissan dealership and have special post-race tuning done at a most likely ridiculous cost, but if you can afford a GT-R, you can afford the trip to the stealership.

So, for starter we ruined out shot at launch control and now Nissan doesn’t even trust us to go to a track day. About the modification part, I wonder if an automaker will ever embrace the aftermarket and make it warranty friendly?

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.24.2009

I would go with porsche cars anyday

BMWM6  (421) posted on 05.22.2009

All i can say it that Nismo and Nissan is giving us a big joke here. I hope it doesn’t fail their dreams for a better market for the Godzilla turned frozen delight

BMWM6  (177) posted on 05.21.2009

This warranty agreement is not practical

BMWM6  (314) posted on 05.21.2009

This sounds business. It not fair for the end user

BMWM6  (318) posted on 05.21.2009

Is its about protecting the GT-R from exploding or controling the tuners to explore the ECU of the car?

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