For four years, a lot of supercars have taken the Nurburgring track in hopes of breaking the fastest lap recorded by a production car. Set by the Radical SR8 way back in 2005, its record time of 6 minutes and 55 seconds has remained untouched by all those supercars that have tried in vain to topple the SR8 from its lofty perch. While it’s beginning to look like there won’t be a road legal supercar from other carmakers that will come close to besting the SR8, Radical is looking at breaking its own record with the SR8’s successor, the SR8LM.

Just like the SR8, the SR8LM is a fully legal road car, built to the same specifications of road-legal cars with matching Dunlop Direzza road tires to boot. The car will be driven around the track by Michael Vergers, the same man who set the current record while driving behind the wheel of the SR8 Supersport back in 2005.

While there’s still no timetable as to when the SR8LM will take the Nurburgring, the folks at Radical are excited about the prospects of having one of its own break a record it set four years ago. “It’s been several years since we last went for the record, and we’ve carried out a huge amount of development work on the SR8 in the meantime,” said Radical’s Mick Hyde. “The car’s aerodynamics has been considerably improved, now creating more down-force and less drag. In addition, the 2009 chassis is much safer after passing the FIA production sports car crash tests, and the engine is also improved, producing 460 HP and driving through our in-house designed six-speed transmission.”

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As we’ve said, a lot of other supercars have tried to break the SR8’s Nurburgring lap record and all of them haven’t even come close to breaking the 7-minute mark, let alone touch the RS8’s time of 6 minutes and 55 seconds. Now, it seems that the only car that can challenge the SR8 is it’s very own offspring, the SR8LM.

Source: Radical Sports Cars

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