You may be familiar with Radical Sportscars for their affordable line of open air track day toys capable of giving larger cars a serious run for their money while using a compact gas burning power plant. However with the new SRZero that was unveiled at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, the English race car builder is rolling out a very ambitious plan to take their electric prototype on a 16,000 mile endurance trip from Argentina to Alaska later on this year in order to become the world’s most focused, fun to drive alternative propulsion vehicle.

The Radical SRZero is powered by the latest in lithium iron phosphate battery technology, linked to a state of the art battery management and systems control unit. Making a total of 400 HP from its twin motors, the lightweight BEV sports car can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 120 MPH. Thanks to regenerative braking units built into the zero emissions race car, the SRZero has an extended range of over 300 miles and can be recharged by an ordinary household electric outlet.

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Press release

Radical SRZero - electric sports prototype with a mission Exterior
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Radical Sportscars have today unveiled their latest project, the SRZero electric sportscar. Developed in conjunction with Imperial College London’s Racing Green Endurance team (RGE), the car will tackle a demanding 26,000km (16,000 mile) endurance trip from Argentina to Alaska later in the year.

The Peterborough, England-based sportscar manufacturer has worked with Imperial’s RGE team to develop its first electric car, and the results are stunning.
The Radical SRZero aims to be the world’s most focused, fun-to-drive alternative propulsion vehicle.

The students will drive the 400bhp twin-motor supercar the full 26,000km length of the Pan-American Highway, running virtually uninterrupted from Ushuaia, the world’s most southernmost city, to Prudhoe Bay in the far north of Alaska.

Radical SRZero - electric sports prototype with a mission Exterior
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Christened SRZero in line with the rest of the Radical range, the car is powered by the latest lithium iron phosphate batteries, linked to a state-of-the-art battery management and control system. The 550v motors also feature regenerative braking, allowing the SRZero to travel up to 550km between charges from a standard domestic socket.

However, this economy doesn’t come at the expense of performance. Radical’s super-lightweight chassis means that the SRZero can still sprint from 0-60mph in only 3.5 seconds, and on to a top speed of 190km/h in ‘high-performance’ mode.

The SRZero was officially launched today on Radical’s stand at the Autosport International Show, at the NEC, Birmingham.
Visitors to the show can view the car, alongside the rest of the Radical range on stand 2600.

"The SRZero is Radical’s most advanced project to date," said Mick Hyde, co-founder of Radical Sportscars. "This car takes Radical’s design in a new direction, tackling the issue of climate change head-on but still providing the same driving thrills as any other Radical. We are proud to be supporting Imperial College London, and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers."

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  (858) posted on 10.11.2010

The Radical breaking the Ring record should convince any doubters...these cars are for real. the engines sound absolutely sick as well.

  (345) posted on 10.6.2010

The Saber time is estimated, It wasn’t allowed to do a full lap flat out, hopefully someone will get the chance to v-max an F1 car there.

  (534) posted on 01.19.2010

I can’t help it but to say the car is very beautiful. This defines the word luxury. But I doubt if it will finish its mission. Electric cars aren’t that smooth yet. But I’m wishing for further improvement on it.

  (428) posted on 01.17.2010

A competitor of Capstone on the electric cars and really have good transmission sensitivity also. Although I don’t like the front bumper that’s inspired on a baking tray I guess, this prototype maybe good and if they continue it to beta, I think we will see this car more often.

  (570) posted on 01.17.2010

I’m wondering, in race how will it re charge if the battery is low? isn’t that it took time to recharge a electric power car? or they’ll just replace it’s battery on pit stop?

  (1022) posted on 01.14.2010

Cool A green racer car, I wonder will it perform the same performance as the regular racing car.

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