Kimi Raikkonen says that he wants to spend the remainder of his career with Ferrari. 
“Ferrari will be my last team, I’m not interested in going anywhere else. It suits me. I have two years on my contract and it may not be the last." That’s what Raikkonen told the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, according to a report on the BBC. Raikkonen, of course, won the World Driver’s Championship last year, in a Ferrari.
Raikkonen won out over McLaren’s upcoming star, Lewis Hamilton. Raikkonen attributed that, in part, to Hamilton’s inexperience in Formula One. “Hamilton made a mistake in China and then had something wrong with the gearbox, or whatever, in Brazil,” according to Raikkonen. Nonetheless, the Ferrari driver was clearly proud of his, and the Ferrari team’s accomplishment: "We won it fair and square. He [Hamilton] would say it wasn’t pressure that got to him, but it wasn’t an easy thing for him to do. Everyone is under pressure."
Since the end of the season, the focus of the media has been elsewhere. That suits Raikkonen just fine: “I wouldn’t say winning has changed my life but it is good to get what I have always dreamed of. If there is focus on Lewis getting prizes and Michael Schumacher testing with us, or where Fernando Alonso is going, I’m happy. I have a nice quiet life. I’ve got the trophy they probably all wanted. I’d rather take the world title than any other prize."

Source: BBC

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