The German suspension manufacturer Eibach is well known for being innovators in the field of automotive spring manufacturing, while at first these aftermarket metal coils were meant simply to lower the car’s ride height, these days springs are tuned to not only drop the vehicle but enhance its handling as well. A perfect example of a high performance machine upgraded with the help of Eibach is the Rally Innovations Nissan GT-R that was residing in the coveted corner spot of the spring maker’s booth. The Japanese super car has been slightly massaged into a machine worthy of the name Godzilla. The GT-R wears a new nose complete with a larger front opening and a few new vents to extract the hot air out from behind the radiators. Riding on a set of Work rims wrapped in sticky Falken tires and of course the obligatory Eibach suspension, this GT-R not only haas the perfect stance to intimidate Porsche 911 Turbo owners, but now it has the legs to run rings around them as well.


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  (815) posted on 12.28.2009

The power of this Godzilla is that outstanding and to have a great reputation for crapping Porsche 911 Turbo(Of course you know the capability of this car and a lot of popular cars upset by this baby). Well for what I’ve heard about this car, it is tuned-up by a famous innovator and have a great reviews from the spectators of this car show.

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