Gilles shows his skills with crayon and paper

Let’s be honest, the minivan segment has pretty much fizzled away, much like the station wagon did a while back. With the invention of the crossover and the drop in the price of gasoline in recent years, the desire for larger, gas-sucking family haulers is going stronger than ever. The minivan segment refuses to die, however, as a few manufacturers are still pushing the hope that soccer moms everywhere will continue to persuade their husbands into keeping a minivan in the driveway. That was made pretty clear earlier this month when FCA pulled to covers off of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

What if the minivan became more of a “guy’s ride,” though? Would it revive the minivan segment and drive up sales in an otherwise struggling segment? Well, FCA’s Head of Design, Ralph Gilles, has apparently been wondering that himself. Just a couple days ago, the man behind FCA’s design team sat down for dinner and ended up sketching his vision of what a Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat would look like with nothing more than a crayon and some brown paper.

Looking at his Instagram post, where the sketch went public two days ago, the idea has been pretty well accepted by a lot of his followers. Comments like “This needs to be a thing!,” “This has SEMA written all over it. Do it do it,” and “Oh I beg you to make it” fill the comments section below the post that, at the time of this writing, has more than 650 likes. It is no indication that a 707-horsepower minivan is in the works by any means, but now that we’ve seen the Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee testing, there is no telling what might come next.

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Why it matters

Despite all of the positive comments about Gilles’ sketch, it wasn’t accepted all the way around. More than one commenter posted that the sketch looks a lot like the Subaru WRX STI Hatchback. Plus commenters made it clear that we want the Hellcat-powered Jeep and a Ram truck thrown into the mix first. All I can say to that is some people really need to let their imaginations run wild sometimes, which is what Ralph Gilles did as he was waiting for dinner.

A Hellcat Pacifica is pretty outlandish, but I’ll be honest, I sure would be willing to test drive one – even knowing that I’m not that big a fan of minivans. Look at it this way: If you have to own a minivan to keep the wife happy, why not have one that pumps out more than 700 horsepower. At least you’ll still be able to show up all of those rice burners with a little bit of muscle, even if you’re doing it in a minivan. The idea of a Hellcat-powered Pacifica will most certainly never happen, but it’s still kind of fun to think about.

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