It’s sporty and its bright. What else could you ask for?

Ram has went to the trouble of putting together a couple of nice, limited-edition models of its 1500 lineup for the L.A. Auto Show. The first example was designed from the Ram Rebel and featured an exclusive Mojave Sand exterior finish. Then there’s the model you see here that is called the Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport, a model that is bright as it could possibly be on the outside with a heavy contrast of black in all the right places. The whole package is based on the 1500 Crew Cab Sport with a Hemi and will command a price of $43,740. But, before you start thinking about the cost, let’s take a better look at what the package presents in terms of uniqueness and aesthetic pleasure.

If you’re a fan of Orange, you’re probably having a continuous eyegasm right now, and that’s okay. As you can see, this 1500 is layered in one of the brightest orange’s we’ve ever seen called Ignition Orange. But, there’s also some pretty serious contrast going on, including the black decals on the Sport performance hood, the black Ram’s head bad on the radiator grille, a black tailgate badge, and black badges on the sides as well. The other major selling point of this limited edition is the body-colored grille surround that is normally either contrasting the body color or finished in chrome on most models (Ram 1500 Express and 1500 Sport both have body-color grilles as well.)

Inside, you’ll find a healthy dose of Copperhead accent stitching to go with Sport embroidery on the seats, Ram’s head embroidery on the seat headrests, and colored sport mesh wrapped around the seat inserts. There are also anodized orange-painted spears and trim rings to round off the interior package. Needless to say, the truck actually looks pretty amazing, but it doesn’t exactly come cheap. Assuming this model is two-wheel drive, that $43,740 price tag is a little hefty, considering the standard Sport model with two-wheel drive, Hemi power, and a six-foot box goes for a total of $37,215. That means this limited-edition comes at a premium of $6,525. This limited-edition model, along with the Rebel-based Mojave Sand 1500 is already making its way into dealerships, but if you want one, you better hurry; there will only be 1500 examples created for this limited run.

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Why it matters

Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport Shows Its Orange Side In LA High Resolution Interior
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Trucks are so often looked at as work horses and tools, that it’s nice to be reminded that they can be sporty at the same time. And, that’s exactly what this model, along with the Mojave Sand 1500, have accomplished with their debut in Los Angeles. The Sport model that the Ignition Orange is based on comes standard with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that delivers 395 horsepower. With 3.92 rear gears and two-wheel drive, the Sport can haul up to 9,200 pounds according to Ram, when it is properly equipped. Fuel economy isn’t bad for a truck, with it pulling 15 mpg in the city and 22 mph on the highway. With that said, the Ram Sport gets a little sportier with this sexy, but potentially overpriced, limited-edition package. But, one thing is for sure, you’ll definitely get noticed with that bright orange paint.

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