A brilliant commercial with a brilliant dig and a brilliant tagline

There’s something to be said for a commercial that nails it with the subtlest of hints. I’ll submit this ad for the new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup as a perfect example of that. The theme of the ad centers around a group of Icelandic Vikings who make the trip to Minnesota from Iceland to watch Super Bowl LII, presumably because they thought the Minnesota Vikings were actually playing in it. From there, hilarity — and a fitting closing tagline — ensues.

The ad itself has a lot of authenticity to it because it was shot in Iceland. The commercial starts off with a Viking driving the Ram 1500 and picking up his buddies for the long row from Iceland to Minneapolis. An uptempo cut of Queen’s song, “We Will Rock You” sets the stage for the commercial, which cuts to the Vikings in a longship, rowing to Minneapolis with the Ram 1500 in tow. Once they hit land, the rambunctious group make the drive to Minneapolis, only to find out through the radio that the Vikes of Minnesota aren’t playing in “tonight’s matchup.” (FYI, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game on their way to beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII).

Dejected, the suddenly forlorn group of Vikings make a U-turn back to their longship where they once again sing their rousing rendition of Queen’s hit song. That’s when the voice-over comes in with a perfectly placed tagline, calling the Ram 1500 as a pickup that’s “built for the unexpected.”

It’s a tremendous exclamation point to a fantastic commercial from Ram.


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