At Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover revealed the first image of a future 4x4 Coupe. But why wait for the company to launch it, and why not build it yourself? LSE Design, a British tuning company, imagined how a Range Rover Sport Coupe might look like and will put in into production in late spring 2008. It will be limited to 100 cars worldwide and is likely to cost around $200,000.

Every panel will be new and made of carbon fiber, there will be a panoramic glass roof and LED lights all round. The engine will have a maximum output of 500 hp. If its still not big enough, you can also add some diamonds into the dials at every 10 mph.

Source: The Sport Coupe

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pdaix  (431) posted on 11.20.2007

Finally the range rover coupe is coming ! I knew they would do one ! yeahh that will be a really cool car !

The classic is back smiley

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