This is the ultimate SUV Range combined with the best in protection . Step into the new Range Rover Vogue and be prepared to take on a full army. The Voge can take on machine gun shots, grenades, or any thing else you throw at it. The Range Rover Vogue is developed by Range Rover Special vehicles and is a full production unit now being offered.
It will be offered in four different versions with the first three offering protection from attack by hand-gun, assault rifle or high velocity rifle. My favorite is the ultimate package which offers :

"protection against armour piercing to European B6 plus standard, and is capable of withstanding attack from a NATO 7.62 ball round fired from 10 metres at a typical velocity of 830 metres per second. B6 plus standard, favoured by Heads of State and other diplomatic, political and religious ’targets’, also protects against attack by weapons including the Kalashnikov AK47 rifle."

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