It’s always been a fantasy to lock a brand new supercar away in storage till the day its inevitable popularity started to resurge and its price tag would fetch far more profit than the car was originally worth. That’s exactly what we see here with this nearly flawless example of a 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S.

With only 8,543 miles on the odometer, this Lamborghini has been kept in dry storage while still getting regular maintenance and exercise from its owner and certified Lamborghini dealerships. Just recently the car underwent an $8,000 refurbishing job, getting it ready for auction in June 2014 at the Historics at Brooklands near London.

Not only is the car’s condition something of rarity, the Countach itself is only one of 2,042 ever built. What’s more, this particular model is one of only 321 built with the massive 4.8-liter, V-12 engine in 1982. It’s mated to a five-speed manual transmission that helps launch the car to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds on its way to a 160-mph top speed.

If you happen to be in the market for a nearly brand-new Countach, the bidding happens on Saturday, June 7th with viewing commencing the day before. It’s estimated the car will sell for between $185,000 and $243,000, so be sure to bring your accountant to pay for it.

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Why It Matters

Rare, 1982 Lamborghini Countach will Cross the Auction Block Interior
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The Lamborghini Countach is a truly classic supercar that nearly defined an era of exotic cars with innovative designs. Penned by Marcello Gandini in the Bertone studio, the Countach is an important car for lambo as it followed the also-iconic Mura and preceded the Diablo. It coined a look that can still be found in modern Lamborghinis of today.

It’s also rather interesting to see a car so meticulously maintained and cared for finally let out of its garage. We’re sure the owner’s decision to cash in his investment was a strategic choice, especially considering the Italian automaker’s latest product, the Huracán hitting showrooms in the very near future.

Lamborghini Countach

1973 - 1990 Lamborghini Countach
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Press Release

There are supercars... and there’s the Lamborghini Countach. To many, the extravagant and eccentric styling of Marcello Gandini re-wrote the rules by which the ubiquitous supercar is measured.

Rare, 1982 Lamborghini Countach will Cross the Auction Block Drivetrain
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Now, those attending Historics at Brooklands’ auction on June 7th, can decide for themselves as a rare, right-hand drive, ultra-low mileage 1982 Countach LP5000S comes to sale.

Following in the sublime footsteps of the uber-elegant Lamborghini Miura - also penned by Gandini in the Bertone studio - the Countach never fails to leave a lasting impression from any angle, whether static or on the move. The battle of form over function came out firmly in favour of the former and the car’s eccentricities, such as strictly limited rear vision, only add to the character of this remarkable car.

Of a total production of 2,042 models over its 16-year lifespan from 1974, just 321 of this variant were produced, this being one of the first to be fitted with the larger capacity 4.8 litre V12 engine introduced that year, mated to the five-speed gearbox.

Like any Countach, this pristine white example, with matching white leather interior, is not for shrinking violets, its famed and eccentric scissor doors a further attention shreaker. Although for the past 23 years - two thirds of its life to date - this Countach’s flamboyance has impressed no-one whilst it has rested in professional dry storage, being awakened only for regular starting, conditioning and scheduled servicing by Portman Lamborghini and Lamborghini London. This culminated in a very thorough major service at HR Owen London to the tune of over £4,500 over the last two months.

The fact that it has covered just 13,642km (8,543 miles) since new makes this Countach all the more attractive as a collector car, although after a 23 year rest period, it’s ready and waiting to impress its new owner with its banshee wail, visceral 160mph performance and 5.4 second dash to 100kph.

Rare, 1982 Lamborghini Countach will Cross the Auction Block High Resolution Exterior
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This 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S is estimated at £110,000 - £145,000 and joins 100+ other prime classic car consignments, plus a similar volume of fine classic motorcycles, at Historics’ largest auction of the year at Brooklands Museum, near Weybridge, on Saturday June 7th, with viewing the previous day.

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