Is Jimmy Johnson, current and – apparently – future NASCAR Cup Champion real Cup champion? One like Petty, or Earnhardt? Or even the man that would, were they counting the same way they did then, be a six-time champion this year: Gordon?
No. Jimmy Johnson is a plastic creature, the epitome of the “racer” in the environment of NASCAR: a mile and a half tri-oval owned by Bruton Smith.
There was a time when winning the Championship counted for something. That was the time during which Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt won seven each.
Were NASCAR still interested in Champions, they’d be about to give Jeff Gordon his sixth. 
But, they’re not interested in Champions.
They’re interested in ratings.
Oddly, their ratings are falling and they don’t know why.
It’s because the whole thing is hokum.
Champions earn their status. They do not have it handed to them on a televised silver platter, as has Johnson this year and last. David Pearson was a winner. Richard Petty was a Champion. There is, moreover, a reason that Daryl Waltrip only won the Championship once. It’s because he wasn’t good enough.
Neither is Johnson.
But that doesn’t matter, anymore.

What do you think?
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  (5) posted on 11.12.2007

I don’t care for the 48 either, but their team has been on fire for the last month. He has been racing since 2002 and he did not have immediate success until last year. Ratings are down because all the rednecks hate the 48 because he is dominating just like they hate the 24 killing everyone before the chase started. Like it or not, the 24 and 48 are the best drivers with the best equipment, engineers, etc. Get used to it, don’t become a hater like the majority of the US. Kenseth, Busch, Stewart, among others, can challenge these guys, but have to be consistent week to week to have any shot because the 24 and 48 don’t make mistakes.

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