It’s not the kind of stunt you’d want to do, regardless if its legitimate or not

There’s something to be a said for a stuntman that signs off on a stunt like this. Either he’s gone completely mental or he was crazy from the beginning. Regardless, sitting in a human slingshot and allowing someone catapult you from one building to another in Dubai isn’t the kind of thing any of us would want to do, even if the stunt somehow turned successful. Unfortunately for this stuntman, that wasn’t the case. Or was it?

Before you start screaming in horror at how this stunt went horribly wrong, it has an after-the-fact disclaimer. The whole thing was a staged stunt conducted by Careem, a transportation network company based in Dubai. The stunt itself took place in 2016 and before anybody knew it was staged, it caused an uproar on the Internet regarding its authenticity.

Soon after that, Careem released a follow-up video admitting that the video was nothing but a ruse. In true marketing form, the company attached a tag line to go with the viral marketing stunt. Apparently, “there’s a better way to get around,” and that “better way” is Careem.

I’m not sure I’m going to trust the company after a stunt like this - its cars might be rigged with some ejection seats! — but I will admit that the campaign was incredible. It was entertaining and more importantly, it caused quite the controversy. And as someone once said, “controversy creates cash.”


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