Ford owners aren’t the only ones who need to go pay a visit to their local dealerships. General Motors has a fix for one of their smaller cars. There are many reasons why cars are recalled by their manufacturers. Whether it’s a faulty engine or gearbox problems, auto makers are being extra careful these days with the fear of losing its customer base over the most minor of infractions.

Having said that, it comes as no surprise to us anymore that about 44,451 Saturn Vue models are being sent back to production plants because of…wait for it…sticky door handles.

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It’s a hoot to think about it, but the problem it poses is actually more serious than a lot of people think. According to the folks at the NHTSA, the door handles for these set of Vue’s may stick when somebody tries to close it. Should this happen, the doors would not latch when they are closed and there’s a potential risk that someone who sits next to the door without a seatbelt could fall out of the car.

While the probability of this happening is unlikely – unless of course the occupant has no regard for car safety and prefers riding without a seatbelt – stranger things have happened and it’s always the more prudent move to be safe than sorry. According to the NHTSA, all the affected Saturn Vues are the ones with the same body-color door handles and the recall for these cars will commence on August 18.

With an image and reputation to protect, Saturn’s move to recall their cars is an undoubtedly smart move. After all, car doors unexpectedly opening in the middle of the highway is not exactly the way Saturn is hoping to have their cars remembered.

Source: NHTSI

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I rememer installing lambo doors on my old acura and it opened on the highway

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