These photos from a private blog appear to be clearer copies of pictures which surfaced about a week ago. Apparently, this is the almost production ready “Blue Devil” Corvette in testing at Nurburging. The car appears to be similar to the one photographed as it awaited shipping to Nurburging, but it isn’t the same car. That one had stock Corvette wheels and a painted top. Reportedly, Jan Magnussen is lapping the Ring faster in this car than in a production Z06 – as, no doubt, intended by Chevrolet.

Observers report the engine sound is consistent with earlier reports that the car is supercharged. The shroud over the hood, however, suggests that there will not be a hood scoop for this vehicle, but only a “power bulge” for additional clearance. An number of months ago, someone caught a photo of the supercharged engine apparently at the stage of final assembly at a Chevrolet engine shop. The supercharger clearly added height to the engine, so a power bulge to clear it would seem a necessity.

As noted in earlier reports, the top of this car is apparently carbon fiber.

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