• Redesigning the Toyota GR86 - What It Could Have Looked Like

Is this how the Toyota GR86 should have looked?

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The new Toyota GR86 succeeds the GT86/86, as the brand’s compact rear-wheel-drive sports car. The design of the new car is definitely bolder than the previous version, but it’s still rather bland. “TheSketchMonkey” is a YouTube channel where a graphic designer with an affinity for car design uses his incredible photoshop skills to reimagine certain cars in his way, or simply to “fix” the aesthetics of cars that are currently of interest.

Redesigning the Toyota GR86 - What It Could Have Looked Like
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In this video, we see a classic case of who subtle touches at all the right places can make a ton of difference. The original design almost makes it look like the designers have thrown a couple of lines, for the sake of lines, which don’t go anywhere. Some elements like the side skirts seem to have been completely neglected, revealing various bits hanging from the underbody. It looks as if the car’s guts are hanging out.

“TheSketchMonkey” doesn’t have a lot of issues with the front, but he still did some necessary adjustments, such as making the center grille less square and more aggressive. After the small changes, we see a big difference, in the overall aesthetics. The wheels are no longer lost in the wheel arches and now give the car a more aggressive stance. They are also bigger in size. The line which swoops down from the front wheel arches has been straightened out and now connects to the door handle.

Redesigning the Toyota GR86 - What It Could Have Looked Like
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The rear section of the coupe has been enhanced as well. An elegant line curves down, surrounding the rear wheel arches, giving the whole rear a sexier, more interesting look.

More importantly, the whole car has been brought lower to the ground, with the addition of a subtle frontal lip spoiler, which is complemented by a lower side skirt – no more hanging guts.

Redesigning the Toyota GR86 - What It Could Have Looked Like
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We hope Toyota’s designers watch the video, so they may take the necessary steps, for when the facelift arrives. If not, companies like “Rocket Bunny” will surely come up with their own designs.

Toyota GR 86 Toyota GT 86
Engine  2.4-liter, four-cylinder naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, naturally-aspirated
Horsepower 232 Horses 205 Horses
Torque 184 pound-feet  156 pound-feet 
Transmission Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic
0-62 mph 6.3s 7.4s
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