Alpine isn’t exactly a brand that too many people have heard of. This is party due to the fact that French cars aren’t exactly common in the U.S., but also because Alpine hasn’t built a road car in 20 years. But there have been some important developments with this Renault offshoot over the past few years. Renault has been racing LMP2 cars at Le Mans under the Alpine name for a few years now, and we’ve also seen road car concepts, most recently the 2015 Renault Alpine Celebration Concept, which is seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in this video.

The concept is inspired, not surprisingly, by the 1961-1973 Renault Alpine A110, Alpine’s most famous car and a highly successful rally car. The car enjoyed a long production run, from 1961 to 1977, reaching the height of its motorsports fame in the early ’70s, with 1973 being a particularly good year. The car was based on the Renault R8, a rather pedestrian rear-engine compact sedan. It started with the same engine as well, but by 1970, horsepower had more than doubled, from 66 to 138. It was given a curvaceous new body as well, and the cues of that body can be seen in the concept.

2015 Renault Alpine Celebration Concept

2015 Renault Alpine Celebration Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The Celebration Concept is currently on a tour of sorts. After debuting at the 24 Hours of Le Mans recently, where Renault was able to show it off alongside the Alpine racing machines, plans were made for it to visit other automotive events, but not any actual international auto shows. The next one will be the Alpine Saga in Dieppe on the northern coast of France. All of which seems to suggest that Renault is serious about bringing Alpine road cars back from the dead.

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