There are a lot of cool cars we’re not getting here in the United States for one reason or another, and the 2014 Renault Megane 275 Trophy is one of them. Just like the 2014 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280, the Megane 275 Trophy is an amazingly quick hot hatch and, as of 2014, the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle around the Nurburgring track. At least the limited-edition Trophy-R is, because the regular production model is a bit heavier and lacks some of the racing goodies that come with the "R" badge. Either way, the 275 Trophy is the race-bred hatch the Volkswagen Golf R isn’t, although the German isn’t bad either.

While we won’t get to drive it unless we travel to Europe, the folks over in mainland Europe or the Great Britain have no trouble in purchasing the 275 Trophy and taking it to the track. For those of you still not convinced of the Trophy’s cool factor, there’s a brand-new review coming from XCar that you might want to watch. I know French cars have a lousy reputation in the U.S., but this video has what it takes to prove that the Megane 275 Trophy is a Renault like no other; one that we desperately need here in the States.

There’s only one downside to it, besides the fact that we can’t buy it, of course. Its €38,000 French sticker, which converts to around $47,300 as of 11/28/2014, makes it awfully expensive. For that kind of dough, there are a lot of cool sports cars you can by on this side of the pond. Very few of them benefit from race-bred technology like the 275 Trophy though. Hit the play button above to spend nine minutes with the fastest FWD car around the ’Ring.

Renault Megane 275 Trophy

2014 Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy High Resolution Exterior
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