You wouldn’t want this car on your rear-view mirror

The Dubai Police Force may have one of the most impressive collection of police cars in the world, but one car that it doesn’t have at its disposal is the Renault Sport R.S. 01. Actually, no police force in the world has the R.S. 01 in its garage, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never get to see one act as a police interceptor in our lifetime.

Thankfully, Renault was game enough to play along, which brings us to this video of an R.S. 01 playing the role of a police interceptor in France. The bit is made even more awesome since Renault tapped legendary rally car driver Jean Ragnotti. Together, Ragnotti and the R.S. 01 decide to apprehend a speeding motorcyclist running at close to 143 mph.

This takes us to a breathtaking scene of the R.S. 01 speeding along the French highway, running past just about every model Renault has in its lineup on its way to capturing the delinquent rider. The video ends with the rider sitting forlorn on the sidewalk with his hands behind his back as the R.S. 01 leaves the scene like the all-conquering road sheriff that it is.

It’s a great way to showcase the capabilities of the Renault track toy, but it’s even more awesome seeing it actually look the part of a police interceptor, complete with the livery and the flashing police lights inside the front grille. Kind of makes me wonder if there’s a future wherein we see the R.S. 01 as an actual police car. That is one car you wouldn’t want to see in your rear-view mirror. Maybe it’s because of its racy appearance or the fact that it has a GT-R sourced V-6 engine that pumps out 542 horsepower to go with a weight of just 2,469 pounds.

Whatever the case may be, the R.S. 01 police interceptor is arguably the coolest “fake” police car I’ve seen in a while. And yes, that includes a lot of the cars that the Dubai Police Force has in its garage.

Renault Sport R.S. 01

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