Also confirms new electric drivetrains and autonomous drive

The Paris Motor Show has always been a place for stunning concept cars, and this year’s edition is no exception. Among the futuristic design showcased in France, there’s the Renault Trezor, an all-electric grand tourer concept that preview trends likely to be seen in future production models.

Essentially an evolution of the styling cues seen on the DeZir a few years back, the Trezor is a long and sleek two-door that is just 42.5 inches tall. This figure not only gives it a sporty stance, but also makes it one of the most aerodynamic designs with a drag co-efficient (Cd) of just 0.22. But, the Trezor isn’t just about futuristic looks. It also has a carbon-fiber body, a clamshell roof reminiscent of classic sports cars, and innovative fiber-optic lighting integrating a red laser into the taillights.

The concept also showcases an interesting take on interior design, featuring a red wood dashboard, deep-red leather upholstery, and red glazing on the windows. Under the hood, it hides an electric motor derived from the unit used by Renault e.dams in Formula E, as well as a brake-operated energy recovery system. The electric motor sends 350 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque to the wheels. Curb weight is of only 1,600 kg (3,527 pounds), which should make the Trezor pretty quick from 0 to 60 mph. Much like any modern concept car, it also features an autonomous driving mode.

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Although it looks a lot like the DeZir concept from 2010, the Trezor is a huge step forward in terms of design and technology. Granted, no production model will look as sleek as this show car and I have strong doubts that Renault is planning to develop a grand tourer any time soon, but the Trezor is a sign of things to expect from the French company in the near future. Several design features will probably make it onto next-generation models, while the Formula E-derived drivetrain will most definitely be offered on upcoming products. Autonomous drive is also part of Renault’s future and it will most probably show up with the next-generation Renault Talisman.

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