The new Megane RS is gunning for the Nurburgring FWD lap record

The Honda Civic Type R has held the lap record for front-wheel drive cars at the Nurburgring, but previous record-holder Renault looks to be lining up a crack at reclaiming the record from its Japanese rival. The French automaker is currently developing a new Megane RS Trophy, which is reportedly carrying at least 300 horsepower. If that ends up being the case, it could end up having the power and performance chops to displace the Civic Type R in the record books.

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If the new Megane RS Trophy has any chance at breaking the Civic Type R’s lap record, it’s going to have to have more than just 300 horsepower at its disposal.

This is an interesting development in the wake of Honda’s attempt to break lap records with the Honda Civic Type on a number of race tracks all over the world. The Civic Type R has already broken lap records at Magny-Cours and Spa, and it’s setting its sights on doing the same at Silverstone, Estoril, and a number of other race tracks.

Could you imagine how upset Honda’s going to be if Renault somehow beats its Nurburgring lap record while it’s in the middle of its lap record world tour? The more important question, though, is if Renault actually has a car that can do it. According to numerous reports, development of the new Megane RS Trophy is ongoing as a test mule of the hot hatch has been spotted doing testing at the Nurburgring.

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If the new Megane RS Trophy has any chance at breaking the Civic Type R’s lap record, it’s going to have to have more than just 300 horsepower at its disposal. It’s also going to need an updated chassis with a stiffer suspension, larger wheels, larger brakes, a limited slip differential, and an interior that can barely hold anything beyond a front seat. From the looks of things, those are priorities for Renault in the development of the Megane RS Trophy on top of the improved aerodynamics package, the cooling mechanisms for the engine and brakes, and whatever gearbox it ends up using.

A big part of the Megane RS Trophy’s chances in breaking the Civic Type R’s Nurburgring lap record will rest on how well Renault develops the car. It looks like the French automaker’s working on overdrive to get it done, and, hopefully, we can see the finished product before the year ends.

Honda Civic Type R Nurburgring Record Lap - 2017

It will still have its work cut out for it because the Honda Civic Type R’s record lap of 7:43.8 was 10 seconds faster than the previous Megane RS Trophy’s 7:54.36 lap time. If Renault wants to win this round, it’s going to need to shave more than 10 seconds off of its previous lap at the ‘Ring. Only time will tell if it can do it, but rest assured, the hot hatch wars aren’t over yet.


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