Buying a suitable sports car could end up setting someone back a good amount of cold, hard cash, and automakers are starting to realize that not every speed-loving fanatic can afford the hefty price tags that come along with their quick rides. One of those enlightened automakers is the French brand, Renault. Soon after getting comfortable in his new position, newly appointed VP of corporate design, Laurens van den Acker is already trying to make changes in the brand’s lineup by attempting to bring out a new affordable rear-drive sports car based off of the old Alpine A110 ‘Berlinette’ in the next three years.

Several attempts at an affordable sports car have been made before with the most recent being the sports car inspired by the Nepta concept in 2007. Those attempts didn’t lead to much, but van den Acker insists that it can be done, especially with the alliances the French company has acquired.

Laurens van den Acker said in an interview: "Any car maker with a product range as broad as ours should have room for an affordable sports car. The challenge to design a great driver’s car is very exciting. It won’t be easy to make a strong business case, but through Renault’s global alliances, I believe it will be possible."

The future car will be a compact, affordable coupe, featuring a front-mounted engine and built on the traditional Renault and Nissan platform. This platform could be adjusted, however, if Renault takes advantage of their recent Daimler-Renault partnership and builds the sportscar on the next Smart Fortwo’s rear-engined platform.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what treasures Renault will uncover.


Source: Autocar

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