The BMW 1-Series is very limited in the U.S. It was available throughout Europe since 2004 as a three-door and a five-door model, but the upright hatch look of the smallest Bimmer would have surly scared off the wagon-fearing U.S. market (anyone remember the 318ti of the late 90s?) So BMW wisely waited until a proper trunk was added before it was unleashed on North America last year.

But the coupe design created a new problem; it made the 1-Series a too close sibling to the 3-Series. So what’s BMW to do? Rumors are swirling that the German company is going to unleash the very European 1-Series three-door on the U.S. When the restyle arrives in a few years, the “shooting brake” (think coupe with a wagon back end) may be on the boat. Unlike the current three-door car, the shooting brake will trade some high-back functionality for some sexier curves.

If all goes well the 1-Series three-door could look like an updated version of the Z3-era M Coupe…If all goes wrong, it could look like, well, the current 1-Series hatchback. As long as the next 1-Series doesn’t mess with the current formula (large engines, light weight and classic BMW handling), we can forgive some awkward bodylines. After all, we won’t hop into bed with every young German that knocks on our door, but personality goes a long way in attraction.


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