Rendering: A BMW Z7 Would Make for the Perfect Electric Sports Coupe

BMW needs to add an EV sports car to its lineup and this BMW Z7 fits the bill

Even in times when carmakers are transitioning to electricity, BMW still prides itself as one of the sportier premium brands on the market. While the Bavarian company continues to churn out high-performance models like the M4 Competition, it’s the Z Series that seems to have been neglected. The Z4 G29 never really made an impact, unless we count its technological twin, the GR Supra, but an independent designer that goes by Bekir Kaya, has provided an interesting take on what a BMW Z7 would look like.

Rendering: A BMW Z7 Would Make for the Perfect Electric Sports Coupe
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BMW’s recent design decisions are a divisive subject, which is why the Bursa-based designer has gone for a more classic look for the Z7. While the BMW Z lineup has, for the most part, consisted of roadsters, this one seems to be a fixed-head coupe. The front end of the car is seemingly inspired by the 1990s BMW Z3. It features small kidney grilles and a heavily-sloped front fascia where the headlights are positioned just below the wheel-arch line. There’s also a large gaping mouth, reminiscent of a shark mouth, just like on many BMW models from the 1990s and early 2000s.

One new feature that the Z7 brings is the greenhouse. The pixel artist has drawn up a roof design comprising of a single-piece glass, spanning from the front of the car all the way to the rear. While in real life, the one-piece glass would be tricky and expensive to make, it’s worth noting that just like in real-life concepts, many of the features are purely for showing off. A design like this will, no doubt, incorporate electro-chromatic glass, which would save you the trouble of getting a sun-stroke while driving the hypothetical Z7.

Rendering: A BMW Z7 Would Make for the Perfect Electric Sports Coupe
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The rear end is where the designer has decided to go wild, with crazy shapes for the taillights and exhaust tips. We’ll leave that to your personal interpretation. We will say that the BMW Z7 is a great hint for BMW to make an all-electric sports car – something the brand is still lacking in its lineup. Over the years, the BMW Z lineup has presented some of the most unique and quirky designs.

From the BMW Z1 with its doors, retreating into the bodywork, through the BMW Z3 Coupe “Clown shoe”, to the classy BMW Z8, inspired by the classic BMW 507, the Z Series family has given us some of the most iconic designs. With this in mind, a retro-futuristic model like the BMW Z7 you see here looks like a great fit for the Z lineup and a great basis for an EV sports car from BMW.

Source: Behance

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