• Rendering: BMW iM Vision - The Most Outrageous Race Car of the Future

This concept showcases the Bavarian carmaker’s distant future in motorsport

Not long ago, BMW unveiled its future racecar for the LMDh in collaboration with Dallara, which is powered by a hybridized V-8. While it caught the attention of enthusiasts worldwide, it is not as badass as these renderings here. Meet the iM Vision from 2050, which has been imagined by Rizu Koley to give us an idea of how BMW can shape the future of racecars.

Rendering: BMW iM Vision - The Most Outrageous Race Car of the Future
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According to Rizu, these renderings of the iM Vision are centered on the ideas of the M and the i division of BMW. And given that the M division’s CEO is looking forward to the electrification of BMW’s performance cars in the distant future, this concept makes sense. The idea is to deliver an eco-friendly, technologically advanced car with the dynamics and performance suited for Le Mans. At a glance, the concept looks boxy and will remind you of the OG E36 M3 from the 90s. Also, the artist is clearly not a fan of the massive kidney grilles we are witnessing with the newer BMW cars. Instead, he imagined a front fascia that is very modern but also sticks to the earlier design language of BMW.

Rendering: BMW iM Vision - The Most Outrageous Race Car of the Future
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As a racecar, the iM Vision concept seems to sit very close to ground.

The front bumper is designed to be aerodynamic, so you can see there are massive vents, along with a carbon-fiber lip spoiler that extends to the sides. The front fascia has LED threads for the headlights, and a small kidney grille, just like the earlier BMWs. The sides expose the BMW M badged wheels, probably 17 inches, wrapped in performance tires. The front wheels remain naked and are followed by aggressive side skirts and a flat-body design which goes all the way to the rear wheels. The rear fenders are thick, and that is because it has to hide a wider set of tires. You will also notice that there are no doors, and that is because the glass roof pops up, just like a fighter jet. A massive carbon-fiber spoiler complements the rear, along with sleek LED taillights, and a huge rear diffuser.

Rendering: BMW iM Vision - The Most Outrageous Race Car of the Future
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A massive spoiler enhances the looks of the rear end, followed by a prominent diffuser.

The concept imagined in the BMW M livery reveals a more realistic approach to the body, with multiple M badges. Like any other racecar, the iM Vision concept has a lot of carbon-fiber trim, both inside and outside. The cockpit seems to have no physical seat, which is very weird, and is surrounded by carbon-fiber trimmings such as the grab handles. The steering wheel is carbon-fiber and is flanked by two displays. This cabin layout could be the future of F1 cars and even LMD. So if you are into motorsports, check out Rizu’s profile on Behance, and don’t forget to follow him.

Source: Rizu Koley via Behance

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