No, Chevrolet is not building a mid-engined Camaro because it would make no sense whatsoever

2019’s most notable event in the car world must be, without too many doubts, the debut of the mid-engined 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. Chevrolet has been brewing one for such a long that that it must have come as a relief for everyone involved in the project.

But what if Chevy tricked down the mid-engine blueprints to the Camaro? Would it enrage its fan base or will it send everyone jumping for joy? Well, that’s hard to anticipate although such a move could definitely split the camps. But design-wise, a mid-engined Camaro could end up looking like a Lamborghini Huracan, if we are to take for good a rendering that’s been shared on the internet over the past days.

Will there ever be a mid-engined Chevrolet Camaro?

Mid-Engine Camaro? 🧐 Photo by #CarLifestyle

Posted by Carlifestyle on Monday, March 2, 2020

Our honest answer is no.

Placing the Camaro’s powerplant between the cabin and the rear axle would automatically erase its muscle car status, turning it into a mid-engine sports car.

We’re not sure Chevy wants that and come to think of it, the move doesn’t make sense since Camaro customers are paying to get an American muscle car that comes with an iconic moniker.

So, switching to a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout might, in fact, do more harm than good. Sure, it has the potential win some new, early-adopting customers (most likely redneck hipsters), but it would make the better part of prospective buyers look elsewhere. Ford wouldn’t mind the situation, that’s for sure, and the same goes for Dodge, as people will turn their attention to the likes of Mustang and Charger.

Rendering: If the Chevy Camaro Was Mid-Engined, It Would Look Very Lamborghini-ish
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Now,’s deftly-executed mid-engine Camaro rendering featured by Carlifestyle on Facebook looks like it was done with a Lambo Huracan poster nearby. No, we’re not upset. The car looks good and it also keeps some of the current Camaro’s design cues – just have a look at those stout hips, headlight design, and front grille mesh pattern.

Engine-wise, it’s pretty obvious that a V-8 would fit a hypothetical mid-engined Camaro like a glove. Then

again, don’t hold your breath. Despite what others might tell you, repositioning the Camaro’s engine from its current location won’t happen. That doesn’t mean one can’t dream from time to time, especially when the end result is a rendering that pleases the eye

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