Rendering: Is This Widebody F30 BMW 3 Series the Perfect Track Weapon?

Looks like it is ready to take on the Nürburgring, once again

The BMW 3 Series has always been the go-to car to experience the world of German automotive engineering. With millions of units sold worldwide, the 3 Series remains one of the top dogs from the Bavarian automaker, which is not only stylish but also powerful, comfortable, and economical. So if you own a used F30 and want to give it a touch-up, then maybe this widebody rending of a bonkers-looking widebody 3 Series from Dominykas Liberis will give you some inspiration.

Rendering: Is This Widebody F30 BMW 3 Series the Perfect Track Weapon?
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The car in Dominykas’ rendering is a sixth-gen BMW 3 Series, launched between 2011-2019. The rendered photos seem true to life, and it has been imagined for the racetrack. So to achieve this perspective, the exterior has been fitted with parts to make it look wide. In addition, the front and rear fenders have been bolted on to give the body a close-to-reality look. The front bumper sports a lip spoiler, and the kidney grilles display additional steel rods, probably a part of the engine casing. From the sides, you will notice how close to the ground the F30 sits. It rides on 18-inch wheels, which are being hugged by a fatter set of tires. The spoilers on the roof and the boot add sportiness to the already gorgeous F30. The rear exposes the twin aftermarket exhaust tips in chrome and stock LED taillights.

Rendering: Is This Widebody F30 BMW 3 Series the Perfect Track Weapon?
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This widebody rendering of the F30 has a two-seater cabin, as this is a track-purpose car. Also, adding a roll cage increases the overall weight, so removing the back seats and other unimportant components helps keep the weight in check. The standard front seats have been swapped for sports bucket seats with loads of bolstering for both the driver and the passenger. The dashboard sports all the default components, like the analog-digital instrument console, a non-touchscreen display, and the AC vents. The center console is re-imagined with a sequential gearbox and a hand brake, pretty apparent for a race car. The window controls have been relocated to the rear part of the center console, while the front part has a control knob for the infotainment system surrounded by other necessary buttons. Finally, we kept the best thing for last, the steering wheel. It is an aftermarket three-spoke unit wrapped in leather. These renderings imagined by Dominykas show how unique his work is, so do give him a follow on Behance.

Rendering: Is This Widebody F30 BMW 3 Series the Perfect Track Weapon?
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Source: Dominykas Liberis via Behance

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