• Rendering: Nissan Z Roadster - The Girl Next Door You Want But Can’t Have

Chopping the top off would be the ideal next step for the red-hot Nissan Z

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The hype around the 2023 Nissan Z has been immense ever since the Z-Proto broke cover a couple of years ago. It is obviously a big deal for the Japanese automaker as it moves the Z story forward. With prices announced earlier last week and production underway, expect to begin seeing the new Z over the course of the summer.

This is, of course, the coupe that I’m referring to. But, what about a potential convertible? Shouldn’t that be the next obvious step for Nissan to consider? These exclusive renders were done by rostislav_prokop for our sister site, Hotcars, should give you an idea of what a potential Z Roadster could look like.

Nissan Z Convertible

Rendering: Nissan Z Roadster - The Girl Next Door You Want But Can't Have
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Let’s get the design out of the way first. Well, it looks like a Z sans the roof. Things look fairly normal and familiar, and this is especially true for Ikazuchi Yellow, the same shade we saw on the Z Proto. The front end is pretty much identical to the coupe. It is only when you view this render from the side profile do you appreciate the aggressively dropping window line.

Rendering: Nissan Z Roadster - The Girl Next Door You Want But Can't Have
- image 1081493

But, perhaps the biggest change is when you move to the rear. I love how the rising beltline and that dropping window line come together to form a double-bubble form in place of the rear windscreen. Now, this alone is a design element that elevates its appeal to a status quo that’s exotic.

Think Aston Martin Zagato DB AR1 or Porsche 911 Speedster. I hope Nissan is listening and are looking at this render and taking notes. Everything from the taillights down is identical to the coupe. The contrasting katana blade (that mimics a Japanese Samurai’s sword) that runs along the roofline on the coupe is gone.

Why A Nissan Z Roadster?

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The outgoing 370Z debuted in December 2008 and a Roaster was added in Summer 2009

Without a roof, there will be some trade-offs and a roadster will need to be more structurally sound, which would require more reinforcement. So, more weight then, which is not ideal for your sportscar experience. Also, expect it to be less practical and carry a price premium.

But, that is a compromise that some, if not most people, will be willing to make. You’d get the ultimate open-top driving experience, and in the Z’s case, you’ll be able to hear the howl of the twin-turbo VR30DDTT V-6 at full chat. Despite the extra weight, I’m sure that 400 horsepower should be adequate to make the Roadster a fantastic open-top sports car.

Nissan Z Roadster vs Rivals

Rendering: Nissan Z Roadster - The Girl Next Door You Want But Can't Have
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So, what could the Nissan Z Roadster potentially take on? You’ve got some potent pony cars in the form of the Chevy Camaro Convertible and the Ford Mustang Convertible that would sit below a potential Z Roadster. Now, obviously, the price depends on which trim Nissan decides to offer the Roadster in.

With no Supra to worry about and a mid-40k price point would mean that it could, in theory, have the market to itself. If Nissan chooses to go with the Performance trim, you’ll most likely be looking at an MSRP north of 50 grand. This would put it in direct contention with more premium rivals like the BMW Z4 (which shares a lot with the Supra) and the Audi TT Roadster.

Will the Nissan Z Have A Convertible?

Rendering: Nissan Z Roadster - The Girl Next Door You Want But Can't Have
- image 1081496

I, for one, hope so. I mean, why not? The question, though, is if and when Nissan will do it? The whole point of the Z’s existence in this crossover/SUV crazy world is to remind folks that the quintessential analog front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car isn’t dead just yet.

Nissan tried to keep the Z’s development costs low to even justify such a vehicle under the current circumstance, but fingers crossed if someone at Nissan secretly thought about a Roaster as well. As for the price, I suppose people would be more than happy to splurge some extra cash to have the ability to shift cogs themselves with the wind in their hair on a twisty canyon road.

Source: https://www.hotcars.com/exclusive-the-nissan-z-roadster-twin-turbo-v6/

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