Despite being limited to just 500 units, the Lexus LF-A has been, hands down, one of the most popular supercars to come out in recent times.
So as you can imagine, the demand for the LF-A has been, to say the least, off the charts, so much so that even before the car hit dealerships in its native land in Japan, all the 165 units of the LF-A allotted for the country have already sold out.

While the coupe version of the LF-A has been turning heads left and right, rumors about a roadster version of the Lexus super car has been running the mills for the past couple of months. As a result of enormous clamoring for an LF-A roadster, the folks over at Autogespot decided to render the supercar to see what it would look like once it loses its roof.

Lexus has still to make an announcement on whether or not the LF-A will produce a roadster offspring but judging from the renderings done by Autogespot, the LF-A convertible is just as - maybe even more - mouth-watering than the hardtop version.

Check out the rendered images to see for yourself.


Source: Autogespot

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  (798) posted on 01.26.2010

Lexus should take this roadster version into production, it’s a great variant for LF-A and it is more fun to drive a roadster than a hardtop.

  (534) posted on 01.24.2010

If I’m going to buy this car, I wouldn’t use this in any race. For me, it is too beautiful to get dirty or to crash on the track.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 01.19.2010

As it does look stylish, i completely agree with Uncia, as well as anyone desiring high performance out of a race machine, that open tops do nothing but increase drag and torque the frame of the car. In the long run, convertibles take a heavy toll on a car’s frame, especially one like the LF-A that is built light to race.

Naterade22  (534) posted on 01.19.2010

If there will have a roadster version of Lexus, we can’t wait for it. Roads will go empty because everyone’s eyes are on the this car.

Naterade22  (708) posted on 01.19.2010

nice convertible version of Lexus LF-A, I really want to get my hands of this baby. no wonder it is sold out already for it’s class and aggressive looking car.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.19.2010

I wouldn’t want one. All this does is add weight and subtract structural rigidity. Convertible body styles are fine for luxury coupes, but for a race-ready supercar like the LFA it just doesn’t make sense. A targa is much more practical for a supercar of this caliber.

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