Report: BMW to Start Selling Cars Online

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We use the Interwebz for all sorts of really cool things. We can shop for groceries, buy Christmas presents, watch movies, stalk people on Facebook, etc. There has always been one thing that we could not do, though, and that is buy a car. Sure, you can add features and order a car until you’re blue in the face, but ultimately, you are still stuck with whatever the dealer has available – or can make a profit on.

Well, BMW is looking to change your car buying experience altogether with a new system that will allow you to actually buy cars online, according to Bloomberg. BMW will start this system with its i-Series, which has been whittled down to just the i8 and i3, in an attempt to offset high production costs.

This will, of course, start off as just an experiment and grow from there. BMW also has to get a little fancy with how it pulls this off in the U.S., as most states forbid manufacturers from selling directly to buyers (strange law). This will likely include the introduction of third-party sales sites that handle the selling and financing of the vehicles for a much lesser rate than paying a sales person commission.

One other hurdle is how to handle the test drive part, but Tesla has already shown us how to do that: set up a few small retail shops that have a few examples of each model and pay the employees a salary just to take prospective buyers on test drives. Then again, we have doubts about Tesla’s commission-less sales actually working out, but it is a possibility, especially with the end sales occurring online.

Just think... No more greedy F&I guy with his 3-inch-thick gold chain and massive gold rings trying to sell you some outlandish service package that really doesn’t cover anything or costs more than servicing the car normally. What a wonderful concept!


Source: Bloomberg

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  (484) posted on 08.24.2012

They are looking for ways to reach the consumers/ buyers the easiest way. I doubt if the transaction is safe when it made online.

  (328) posted on 08.23.2012

It’s a great start to have the BMW on online stores. They’re finding better ways to communicate on the consumers.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

This will give a more convenience transaction for their customers. A good strategy to make good sales.

  (765) posted on 08.6.2012

What is the purpose of this process? Will it be beneficial for us or for the BMW company?

  (648) posted on 08.5.2012

So I guess it’s a lot easier to buy vehicles that you want. It’s hassle-free and easy to do.

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