• Report: BMWs S58 Could Be Turbocharged for the First Time with the G09 XM

New specs for the G87 M2 have also been leaked!

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The B58 engine is one of BMW’s more popular powertrains, as it powers many of the German brand’s more performance-oriented versions. The latest car that is going to feature the turbocharged inline-six is the 2023 BMW M2, said to debut in December 2022. However, new reports indicate that the inline-six will be featured in a much more unexpected place.

Report: BMWs S58 Could Be Turbocharged for the First Time with the G09 XM
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The information comes from Bimmerpost and mentions the upcoming M2’s production cycle and power figure, as well as details about what the BMW X M would be. The post mentions that the 2023 BMW M2 will pack 455 horsepower from the B58 engine. This is more than the current most powerful version of the small coupe – the BMW M2 CS – 444 horsepower and 406 pound-feet (550 Nm).

Moreover, while the BMW 240i sends its 374 horsepower and 369 pound-feet (500 Nm) to all four wheels, Bimmerpost says the new M2 will send power to the rear wheels only. While aiming for a “purer” driving experience, we could still see an xDrive system with a rear-wheel-drive setting. Another exciting detail about the 2023 BMW M2 is that it will have a manual gearbox, while an automatic is still expected to be optional.

Report: BMWs S58 Could Be Turbocharged for the First Time with the G09 XM
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The post also mentions the BMW M2’s production cycle, which is surprisingly long. The compact performance coupe is scheduled to debut in December 2022 and will be produced all the way until August 2029. While not yet confirmed, the production cycle will most probably include a facelift version at some point. Like the lesser versions of the BMW 2 Series, the M2 and M2 Competition will be built in the San Luis Potosi line, in Mexico.

The BMW M2 cars that come out of the plant, over the first four months of production, will be part of the M-division’s 50th Anniversary. Those are expected to be somewhat collectible. Among the optional extras will be a carbon-fiber roof that would accentuate the M2’s motorsports roots.

Report: BMWs S58 Could Be Turbocharged for the First Time with the G09 XM
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As mentioned in our previous BMW M2 article, the G87 features a new dashboard design. That will be available from day one of production. The wheels are 19-inch at the front and 20-inch at the rear, with a G87 specific design. It’s safe to say that BMW is, indeed, rewriting the BMW M2’s DNA.

As for the BMW X M, it is expected to be a testbed for BMW M-division’s future, high-performance hybrid models. Like the M2, the M-division’s crossover dubbed the G09 XM is scheduled for arrival in December 2022. It is expected to be a part of the X8 lineup, which as we found out, will be a BMW X7 with a coupe-style rear end.

While the crossover is said to debut alongside, its production will end in November 2027. The hybrid model will be dubbed 45e and is said to develop around 650 horsepower. During the model’s launch, this will be the only available powertrain. However, two more gasoline variants will be introduced, further down the line.

Report: BMWs S58 Could Be Turbocharged for the First Time with the G09 XM
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BMW’s upcoming M-engineered crossover includes the usual M equipment, which includes a limited-slip rear differential, and blue brake calipers (red and black can be chosen instead). The same color options are available for the seat belts. There will also be the obligatory carbon-fiber trim, while the next-level driving assists will arrive by mid-2023. The wheel options will range from 21 to 23-inch.

It’s worth noting that much of what we mentioned is not yet confirmed and the only be certain when BMW finally unveils the new models. After seeing how AMG adapts to the electrification process we are curious to see how BMW’s M-division will do the same. It seems, high-performance hybrids are going to be a thing, but are they going to stay, or are they simply softening the transition to a fully-electric high-performance M-lineup?

Source: Bimmer Post

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