• Report: Daimler Pulls the Plug on 2013 Maybach Models

When Daimler started offering $100,000 rebates on new Maybach models, the writing was on the wall that the failing ultra-luxury car company was about to be taken off of life support. About four months have past since the rebates began and it is official now, as Daimler has eliminated all plans for 2013 Maybach models.

When Daimler restarted Maybach production in the early-2000s, it never really took off, as Bentley and Rolls Royce had the ultra-luxury market pretty well tied down. Maybach continued floundering around until 2011 when Daimler finally announced that it would cease production by 2013. A promise that Daimler certainly held true on.

The worst thing is that Daimler didn’t even issue a press release on its cessation. The only send off that Maybach has received is a “Discontinued” label next to every model on its price list as an indicator of its death. The other indicator is the fact that the Maybach website is nearly inaccessible now.

So, farewell to Maybach, yet again... Maybe we’ll come across you in another half-century or so. Maybe VW is interested in snagging it up... We’re kidding, sort of.


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  (1) posted on 12.20.2013

I like maybach so fast

  (1) posted on 09.26.2012

That would be a rebate of $100,000.

  (116) posted on 09.24.2012

Financial issue?! Technical?! We don’t really know what’s the reason why they decided to pull put this model.

  (291) posted on 08.28.2012

The truth is, that’s quite normal in this industry. I think there’s nothing bad happened. It’s all business. I think they are only making a teaser.

  (692) posted on 08.28.2012

Aw! That hurts man! You’ve gotta be kidding me! It’s really a frustrating news. I wonder what forced them to pull out the plug.

  (474) posted on 08.22.2012

Oh, is the Maybach will lose the game they are playing in the business? Why did they have to remove the support on Maybach, since they know from the start if they didn’t give funds and support on it, it’ll be the end of company?

  (201) posted on 08.21.2012

$100,000 for this kind of car is quite not reasonable. Sometimes, even a supercar with great design and performance doesn’t reach this kind of expensive price.

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