If reports are accurate, when the driver’s line-up for the 2010 Formula One season is completed, one household name will not be included in it. After spending nine years in Formula One, Kimi Raikkonen will seek a different challenge next year in the form of the World Rally Championship. The news was first reported by MTV3, a Finnish broadcaster who has ties to Raikkonen.

Raikkonen’s interest in driving rally cars has been well-documented and the former F1 champ has even got a few rally races under his belt. After cutting ties with Ferrari, speculation surrounding Raikkonen’s future made headlines in and around the industry. There were reports linking him to Mercedes GP, taking up rallying instead, and even going on a year-long sabbatical.

Whatever the case may be – and whatever Raikkonen’s decision is – watching an F1 race without the Iceman is going to take some getting used to. Then again, if he does enter the world of the WRC and trades in his Ferrari F60 for a Ctiroen C4 – the car he is rumoured to be driving - then that’s something a lot of us will be looking forward to watching.


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  (612) posted on 02.4.2010

Well, wherever he chooses to go, I’d still support him. I have seen in a rally race and I think that he can do great with it. I just hope that he gets used to driving with a partner cause with an F1 car, you can only drive alone even though you have a group of team on your radio. If he would leave the F1 industry, there is someone who can fill the absence, Michael Schumacher.

  (780) posted on 01.14.2010

He’s not used to compete on a rally competition and it will be hard for him to step up on this level coz’ it’s not a parallel race track, it’s an off-road track on which 5x harder than Kimi Raikkonen used to do for the past years. A possible chance if he will retire on the F1 competition and train for a year on handling a Rally car.

  (815) posted on 12.6.2009

No matter what car brand he drives, it would still be his performance that matters. Kimi Raikkonen may be good in Formula One, but World Rally Championship is something different. There is Sebastian Loeb, did he think he can also rule WRC?

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