Report: Lamborghini Confirms the Urus for 2017

2012 Lamborghini Urus Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Harry Metcalfe from Evo Magazine was one of a select few to find himself at Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary gala and apparently he took to tweeting during the event. One of his tweets alerted us to something that we all assumed but were still uncertain of: Lamborghini will produce its first SUV since the LM002 starting in 2017.

You read that right, folks; we are just three or four model years – depending on whether Metcalfe was talking U.S. model years or Euro model years – away from seeing the Lamborghini Urus in showrooms. Of course, we do take this report with a little doubt, as it is not straight from the mouth of Lamborghini, but the source is still rather reliable.

Surprisingly, the Tweet has remained up for quite a long time without Metcalfe getting too much flak from Lambo over it. And the longevity of this tweet lends a little authority to it, as Lamborghini is quick to squash any leaks that are either huge secrets or outright lies.

We’ll keep an eye on the twitter world to see if Metcalfe changes his tune soon or if Lamborghini chooses to release this information after seeing how much press it’s getting. Stay tuned!

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Lamborghini Urus

2012 Lamborghini Urus Exterior AutoShow
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The Urus is named after one of the largest cows to ever roam the Earth at 61 to 71 inches tall at the shoulders and weighing up to 1,500 pounds. This SUV is still in concept form, but each time Lambo shows it, it seems to be closer to production form.

Though the Urus is loosely related to its LM002 predecessor, it fixes what the former SUV missed, as it is instantly recognizable as a Lambo. The LM002, on the other hand, looked more like a dressed up Hummer than a Lamborghini SUV.

Under the hood, the concept model features a 4.0-liter V8 engine fed by a pair of turbocharges. This pushes the super-SUV to 600 horsepower and an estimated 600 to 600 pound-feet or torque. Driving the wheels is a dual-clutch automated manual transmission with an enhanced, permanent all-wheel-drive system. We estimate the Urus hitting 60 mph in the mid- to high-3-second range.

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