The dream of racing in 2010 may have passed it by, but 2011 remains a different story and USF1 is holding out hope – slim as it may be – that they can right their ship in a year’s time and be ready for the 2011 F1 season.

That’s the latest report coming out of the US-based team after a couple of people reported that the team is still hopeful to gain entry next year after their one problem after another derailed their dreams of being part of the 2010 F1 grid.

In order for USF1 to even have a sniff of getting back to Formula 1, they first need to get their house back in order after the team’s two principals – Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor – received a lot of the blame for the team’s scattered preparations heading into the 2010 season.
As soon as they have everything restored and stabilized, the team still needs to go through a stringent re-application process as soon as the FIA re-opens prospective new entrants for next season.

Judging by the way the whole fiasco turned out, USF1 is going to need a lot of making up to do for the FIA to even consider putting them back on the grid in 2011.


Source: ESPN

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