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As we continue to look through the images and stories of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, it’s comforting to come across something like this. During a live broadcast covering the flooding, local news team KHOU reporter Brandi Smith found a trucker stranded in his cabin. Broadcasting live on a deserted highway, Smith managed to flag down a passing Sheriff that just so happened to be towing a boat, informing the officers about the trucker on the street below. Thankfully, the deputies managed to get the trucker to safety without incident.

The drama was posted to Twitter showing Smith’s efforts to help save the man. A follow-up post to Facebook shows the Sheriff deputies loading the rescue boat into the water and approaching the cab of the truck before the driver manages to crawl out the window and into the boat. Smith later confirmed the man was okay and would try to “find a hotel.”

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The Full Story

Despite all the vitriol and nastiness you see flying around the web these days, there are still bright spots like this to keep everything else in check. When calamities hit, humanity often times bands together, lending a helping hand where possible, and it’s great to see that captured in such dramatic fashion on social media.

Relief Efforts

If you would like to donate money to help disaster relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, there are several organizations available, including the American Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, The Salvation Army, and Heart to Heart International.

Source: Jalopnik

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