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Icon 4x4, a California-based aftermarket company, is known for restoring classic models to perfection. The best part about the company is that they don’t mess around with the essence of the vehicle. The vehicles still have the original retro feel to them, but are reimagined for modern use. In short, you can get yourself a daily driver with classic styling and modern functionality.

The company’s latest project is a 1970 Ford F-100 short bed pickup truck. The company’s founder and lead designer Jonathan Ward found it on Craigslist. The model on sale was in good condition with the original paint scheme and nothing major changed. Fortunately, the company retained the original looks but made it a better daily driver.

What Makes This Restomod So Special?

The folks at Icon found the truck on Craigslist and thought it would make for a perfect build project. A client of theirs purchased it and drove around in stock condition for a little while before handing it over to the company. As mentioned earlier, Icon retained the original looks of the truck.

On the outside, it still looks like a 1970s model, but a lot cleaner. The stock color palette remains as it is, and so do most of the exterior trims.
Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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Upfront, two egg-crate grilles house the round headlights. The simple steel bumper sits quite high and is not very long. There is FORD lettering at the edge of the loon hood which adds so much character to the face. The dual crème and white color scheme looks sweet and Icon didn’t change it here. The windshield is almost at a 90-degree angle with chrome borders. There is an antenna at the base of the windshield, too. The outside rearview mirrors are held by a strut that is drilled onto the top and bottom of the window line.

The rear of the cab wears a big glass that throws enough light into the cabin. It also helps with rearward visibility. The side profile is pretty simple. There is a chrome strip that runs from the fender to the end of the truck bed. There was a Sport Custom badge on the truck previously which the company replaced with an ‘Icon Custom’ badge. It is the same font as the original badge. A similar badge is there on the tailgate as well.

Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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Underneath the square wheel arches are the steel wheels wrapped around BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. The 18-inch wheels look like the original set and even come with the vintage Ford hub caps. The tailgate itself is pretty simple with plain-Jane design. There is a thick strip here with FORD lettering. The taillights and the steel bumper are standard affairs. Icon has also equipped the truck bed with concealed LED strips for better lighting. If vintage, retro trucks are your thing, you will certainly like this F-100.

The Cabin Still Has The Same Flair

Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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On the inside, things are as pleasing as they are on the outside.

Icon has restored the original steering, although the steering column is changed which adds the tilt functionality. The seat belts are upgraded from lap ones to conventional three-point belts. The bench seat is now wrapped in leather with textile inserts that are generally used in patio furniture. The carpet is removable and comes with one side snap buttons. The old-school manual windows are retained, but the cranks inside are replaced with newer ones. The headliner, too, is restored.

Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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Icon teamed up with Dakota Digital to design gauges that look vintage, but come with various features such as 0-60 mph time recorders, trip meters, integrated four-wheel-drive lights, and so on.

The stock AM Radio is retained, but it only serves as the head unit. On the inside, Icon has added a lot more functionalities. It supports Bluetooth audio system with speakers, amplifiers, and bass hiding in different corners of the cabin. The buttons for lights and stuff are recreated to mimic the original cockpit-style buttons.

What Powers The Truck Now?

Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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This F-100 rides on a completely new frame. Under the hood, Icon has packed a 5.0-liter, V-8 Coyote engine.

The engine is not in the standard state of tune as it produces around 420 horses 390 pound-feet of torque.

Power is sent to the wheels via a Ford AOD transmission. It also consists of a twin-stick Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case that sends power to 44 Dana axles at the front and 66 Dana at the rear. The reins for the braking duties are handed over to Brembo. The setup comes with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in the rear. There’s also the Eibach springs with Fox Racing shocks that make up for the suspension system. As for the exhaust system, Icon has partnered with Borla to build a custom unit.

Final Thoughts

Restored: 1970 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup By Icon 4x4
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You can see Icon’s passion for the job with this restomod. They’ve managed to retain the essence of the truck while giving it a plethora of changes on the outside, in the cabin, and under the hood. The retro feel is evident and it still looks like a 1970 F-100.

As Jonathan said, Icon has spent more time on the truck that Ford did when it was on the production line. Swapping parts is much easier than restoring the original and bringing it to a brand-new condition. Overall, this is a fantastic one-off project.

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