Restyled Hyundai Genesis Spied

Restyled Hyundai Genesis Spied
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They Hyundai Genesis sedan stole the show last year taking home many automotive journal’s car of the year awards for its ability to blend attractive styling and high end luxury in a resonably priced package. With the scheduled arival of the Equus, Hyundai will now hava a slew of upsclae offerings for new car buyers. Despite the warm reception that the Genesis received last year, a new car only has the ability to make one first impression, so you can expect to see the classic curvilinear shape and signature waterfall grill going through a few restlings as the Genesis ages in order to keep the design fresh and at the forefront of consumer’s consiousness.

This next generation of Hyundai’s flagship sedan was spotted in the deserts of the mid west, most likely undergoing extensive cooling system analysis along with the new Equus. The Genesis is hiding both its nose and rear quarters draped with the traditional black automotive camoflage that makes most spy photographers either jump for joy at the sight of a new car or swear in frustration at not being able to capture what lies beneath. In this case it looks to be a pair of restyled fenders and maybe even a redesigned set of headlights judging by the careful placement of the disguise. However the most interesting feature of this clothed beauty is the black flap in the middle of the grill.

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When the Genesis was launched, the Koran car company wanted to put as much distance between themselves and the sedan, which is why it wears no Hyundai badges or funny looking “H” symbols; at the time Hyundai even considered launching the Genesis as its own brand much like Lexus and Infiniti, but that still hasn’t happened. So is Hyundai ready to put a badge on the front of their new flagship sedan, we will have to waint and see. No matter what happens, as time goes on and Hyundai sells more an more of their Genesis model, you can expect to see these updates appearing regularly on the Korean automaker’s full size luxury sedan.

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