Resurrecting the Stingray Moniker for the C7 Corvette Seems an Odd Choice

2014 Chevrolet Corvette High Resolution Exterior
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We all know that GM has a long-running issue with creativity in its lineups. Through the 1980s we saw some of the most uncreative vehicles and that continued through the 1990s and into the early-2000s. We also saw other issues that really showed the GM was running out of creative steam, like the use of the “Lumina” moniker simultaneously on two vehicles that were vastly different – sedan and minivan – and the changing of the Sunbird to the Sunfire.

Now we have the resurrection of a famous word in Corvette history, the “Stingray” moniker. The Original Sting Ray and Stingray monikers were and still are some of the most sought after models and to bring it to the modern era seems a bit of a disservice. Sure, this is the most modern and advanced Corvette ever, but it should be, given it is the newest model. That is not a good enough reason to exhume the Stingray name and slap in on the C7 generation.

Don’t get us wrong, the new Corvette has renewed our fading love affair with the Corvette model, but to slap an iconic name on it just seems a bit of a slight to the Corvette’s history. That would be like Chevy making a higher-output Caprice and slapping an “Impala SS” badge on it. We all know they would never… oh wait… never mind.

You get the point.


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