Ever heard of Borgward? Probably not, but if you parents or grandparents reside in Europe ask them about this name. Borgward was a German car manufacturer that went bankrupt in the early days of ’61.

According to German media, several investors, including well-known Asian key-figures agreed that the German company should be revived. Orchestrating the return of the company will be Christian Borgward, the grandson of Carl Borgward known as the original founder of the car manufacturer line.

 The Borgward Company that will probably have its headquarters where the original one had it back in the late 50’s ,early 60’s – Bremen, Germany, will create two models. Both models are to be situated in the sedan class, between the standard Ford Focus and the premium BMW 3-series. Due to heavy investors and no lack of funds, Borgward is set to make 10.000 units annually. One big problem, though. What about the distribution? Can Borgward afford to make dealerships across the World? How about just Europe?


Further insider information show that Borgward will be using component suppliers such as Austria’s Magna.


We are looking forward to see if Borgward was shut down due to the after-war general bankruptcy, or due to the fact that it was a crappy car.

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  (1) posted on 02.9.2008

the person who wrote this article as never read the history of this company
or he would not made the comment about crappy cars

  (1) posted on 12.9.2006

Crappy car? I don’t think so!

My dad owned several Borgwards. The parts lasted far longer than American car parts, the engineering was very excellent and the cars got great mileage. They were considered luxury cars at the time my dad bought his first one.

I’m looking forward to seeing if Christian Borgward can bring the Borgward cars back. They were fun and unusual.

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