• Revitalization Of Nissan’s Lineup Means Death of a Friendly Face and Prolonged Life For Another

Within a Few Years, the Nissan Maxima Will Be Replaced and the GT-R Will Keep Getting Older

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In a recent report, we told you that Nissan was cutting costs to the tune of €2.8 billion, and part of that might mean the death of the only models in the lineup that people care about. A month before that, we told you that Nissan won’t update the GT-R because it wants to keep it “affordable.” Now, we have some new news to share, some of which is in regard to the currently 13-year-old Nissan GT-R (it was introduced way back in 2007) and the Nissan Maxima. The truth is, folks, that one of these two models isn’t meant for this world as Nissan continues to rattle the core of its lineup.

Electric Cars are In, and the Nissan Maxima Is Out

Revitalization Of Nissan's Lineup Means Death of a Friendly Face and Prolonged Life For Another Exterior
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What I’m about to tell you is a mix of good news and bad news, with the bad side of things being that after 30 years on the market, Nissan is set to retire the Maxima.

So, the eighth-generation maxima, currently on the market since 2015, could very well be the last Maxima unless Nissan repurposes the name, which isn’t ruled out.

With Nissan currently following a five-year lifespan for its core models, the Maxima is lucky to last into the 2021 model year without a major update, despite a mild update for 2019. So, what will become of the Maxima? Well, that might be a bit of good news, depending on your view of electric vehicles.

Revitalization Of Nissan's Lineup Means Death of a Friendly Face and Prolonged Life For Another
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In a new report from Automotive News (subscription required), Nissan claims that the Maxima might evolve into an all-electric sedan for its next generation.

There’s no word on if the Maxima name will continue to live on in EV form, but the future EV is said to be inspired by the IMS concept – a sporty, futuristic sedan that will be toned down considerably before any bit of its DNA moves into production.

Nissan has been pretty adamant about using the IM name, which we’ve seen with the IMk Concept and the IMq Concept. Perhaps the new electric sedan will be called the IMaxima or something a little more odd like IM Maxima. This car, whatever it will be called, is set to be introduced in the second half of 2022, which would earmark it as a 2023 model. So, the Maxima could last until 2022 at the latest in its current form.

But, that’s not all we’ve learned about Nissan, and the next bit will be bittersweet.

The Nissan GT-R Still Has a Lot of Life Left In it, Apparently

Revitalization Of Nissan's Lineup Means Death of a Friendly Face and Prolonged Life For Another High Resolution Exterior
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We’ve all seen, in some regard, what the next-gen Nissan 370Z, probably called the 400Z, will look like, and we know that there are some things you might not like about the retro-styled sports coupe. For the Nissan GT-R, however, things aren’t nearly as clear. According to the same report from Automotive News, Nissan is, in fact, working on the next-gen GT-R, but the current model is set to live on at least three more years until 2023– a timeline that would make the current model at least 16 years old. It could take even longer for the R36 GT-R to make its first appearance, though, and there’s still a lot that we don’t know.

With the next-gen GT-R already in development and the possibility that it’s been in development for a little while now, there’s a good chance that Nissan is looking to do something huge.

I’m not talking about retro-design cues like we’ll see on the 400Z, but perhaps some form of electrification. I highly doubt that Nissan is willing to risk moving the flagship GT-R into fully electric territory, but some kind of hybridization is on the table. One also has to wonder what will make the R36 gen stand out from the current model. There won’t be a huge increase in power, but less weight and better driving dynamics could be among the highlights of the next-gen model.

What Else Can We Expect From Nissan in the Future?

The 2019 Nissan IMQ Concept Previews Questionable Crossover Design for the Future, But Nice Tech
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With Nissan currently working to revitalize its core lineup, you shouldn’t be surprised that the Versa could be on its way out. It will reportedly be refreshed for the second half of 2020, but Nissan is considering putting the model to rest after that. It would, probably, be replaced by a more affordable EV at some time in the future, but that’s just speculation at this point. The Nissan Sentra, on the other hand, went through a massive update for 2020, so it’ll live on untouched until at least 2023. The Nissan Murano will be redesigned sometime between now and 2022, while the Pathfinder, Armada, and Rogue will all move into a new generation between now and 2023 as well.

Source: Automotive News

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