Wouldn’t it be great idea if you had tires that could adapt to winter conditions by literally having tires that retract studs on their own in slippery wintery conditons? A revolutionary tire company called Q tires has done so with their new Celsius brand tires. There is no word yet on how exactly these tires work- but it sounds like a amazing tire that even manufactorers would offer on their vehicles. Only question is will these cost twice the cost of tires because of their dual functionality? Im buying stock in this company when I get the chance.

Q is a new tire company that is creating the world’s safest tires. Why? Because millions of lives are at stake. Including yours and your family’s.
Every winter, icy conditions cause thousands of fatalities. But now Q has developed Celsius, the first and only all-weather tire with retractable studs.

Q Tires has developed this patented all-weather tire technology for autos and trucks. Celsius technology enables studs to be extended from the surface of the tire in snow and ice, yet lie below the tread when not required.

Celsius tires contain anti-corrosive safety studs that deploy when you need them, providing optimal control on icy roads, then retract when driving conditions are safer.

Celsius tires with retractable studs alleviate extensive road damage caused by permanent studs, and improve safety in all weather conditions. Celsius is the long awaited solution to challenging weather conditions.

Qtire -press release

Source: www.qtires.com

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