No, this time he didn’t crashed at 288mph in a rocket car, but his accident really didn’t help his team at the 24hr race at Silverstone. Hammond crashed in a £100,000 BMW 330 Dti Sport, the car him and his team were competing at the race.

During some night stage of the race, their car collided with another faster car, and Hammond left the circuit, after their car was the 38th in the race. This time Hammond was unhurt.

After a pit stop, the car car was repaired and it restarted. They continued the race and they finished, not in a very good position, but they finished the race: 9th position, out of 46 finishers.

Source: Piston Heads

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  (379) posted on 02.11.2010

9th out of the 46 to finish is actually not that bad for a sort of endurance race. If he didn’t crash and if there weren’t any repairs needed for the car, he might have had a better position. But actually finishing races like this, whichever position you will be at, is a great accomplishment already as those races are not easy at all.

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