Fortunately, nobody was hurt or injured as a result of the burglary

The family of The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond was reportedly the targets of a burglary while they were vacationing at Saint-Tropez, in France. According to the Sunday Express, Hammond, his wife Mindy, daughter Willow, and 12 other people were staying at a luxury villa in the posh coastal town on the French Riviera when intruders broke into their house and stole money and valuables, all while Hammond and the rest of the houseguests were sleeping.

Richard Hammond Supposedly Gassed and Robbed in Saint-Tropez Villa
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The Sunday Express report says that all 15 houseguests, including Hammond himself, reported items missing and bedroom doors open. Hammond’s wife, Mindy, also told the daily that she believes that the villa was “gassed or something,” indicating that the perpetrators may have used some form of sleeping gas, rendering the houseguests unconscious at the time of the burglary, giving the thieves enough time to steal their cash and valuables.

“You have got to have some kind of confidence to do that and to be quite satisfied that people aren’t going to wake up,” Mindy added.

While it’s unclear if gas was actually used in the burglary, Hammond’s villa wasn’t the only one that was burgled on that same night.

The house next door also got the same treatment as the houseguests also reported to getting robbed while they were all sleeping.

Fortunately, CCTV was able to catch the two thieves on camera. They were arrested within two days of the incident.

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