• RIP BMW M3 CSL- Crash Photos

Its not everyday that you get to see a BMW M3 CSL, there were only around 1400 of the race bred M3’s produced in the wonderful year of 2003 and not one of them is in the United States.

Now you half to mark that number of 1400 down to - 1399 cause one has been destroyed on the "Ring" track in Germany. At least the M3 went down doing what it does best and on one of the most notorious race tracks known. Lets hope the driver is ok!

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pdaix  (434) posted on 03.1.2007

Pretty bad crash, the driver was not joking around with his driving , but we cannot expect anything less from a CSL owner... Too bad his insurance will not cover the damage as I do not think the Nurburghring is considered as open public road.

pdaix  (35) posted on 02.27.2007

What a shame, however, what a proper death for an M3 CSL. I wonder which part of the track it happened at.

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