We all know that men are better drivers than man. But according to this research we all are wrong: male drivers have a 77 percent higher risk of dying in a car accident than women, based on miles driven.

The study was made by David Gerard, a Carnegie Mellon University researcher who co-authored a major new U.S. road risk analysis. It had quite impressive results:

  • The highway death rate is higher for cautious 82-year-old women than for risk-taking 16-year-old boys.
  • New England is the safest region for drivers _ despite all those stories about crazy Boston drivers.
  • The safest passenger is a youngster strapped in a car seat and being driven during morning rush hour.

Drivers aged 40 and 50 tie for the lowest risk of dying in an accident. But if you’re a male out at 2 a.m. Saturday on a motorcycle in the South, you may want to take out some more insurance.

Of all the ages to be in a car, 4-year-olds have the lowest death risks.

School buses, massive vehicles driven during normally safe hours, have a death rate that is one-50th that of average passenger vehicles.

But the death rate on motorcycles was nearly 32 times higher than for cars. One of the riskiest combinations in the database are men between ages 21 and 24 who drive motorcycles between midnight and 4 a.m. Their road fatality risk is 45,000 times higher than normal.

The most deadly hour is at 2 a.m., which is often when bars close and many deaths are alcohol-related.

Source: newstimeslive

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